Tweaks Pro


 ​​​​​​​​​Dr.Ketan tweaks PRO is Pro version of Dr.Ketan ROM. This is not a full ROM but small utility application (Apk file) to enable extra function on your ROM

How to get Tweaks Pro

At presently we supports following devices.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note10
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8
  • Samsung Galxy S8 (No active development)
  • Samsung Galaxy N7(No active development)
  • Samsung Galaxy N5(No active development)
  • Samsung Galaxy N4(No active development)

To use tweaks pro on supported device listed above,you needs to pay/donate more than 8$ USD from one of below method. Once you pay required amounts, you needs to download request code app from below (If you are buying from playstore then no need to download request code  but play store app itself can be used as request code) and install it to your same device on which you want to use Tweaks pro. After installing app, open it and complete the wizard, it will gather required info and show on mobile screen. Now you can send this info and wait for reply from developer. Once your device license get activated, you will get mail from developer.

License and terms of conditions

 Pro key provided on basis of IMEI and serial number works only on device you have requested for. License will not be transfer to other device.  To use Pro key on multiple/different device, you have to get it as new with fresh donation/Payment for every device. One pro key will be provided for single device, single device ID (IMEI) only. In  any case your Device ID get changed (usually with motherboard repair), You need to donate/Buy again to get activation for new device. Once you have Paypal  transaction Key ready OR Play store Donate Dev Order ID ready,  Request must be sent from the same device you want to use Tweaks Pro and must be within 48 hrs of making payment. 

Step 1 : Pay Now

You can pay from one of below methods.

1. PayPal

(Requires to donate more than 8$ USD )

2. International Credit/Debit card 

(Requires to donate more than 8$ USD )

3. Debit/Credit cards/Netbanking (Only for Indian users)

(Requires to Pay Rs 550 INR )

4. Play Store

(You can buy from Play Store)

Stwp 2 : Send request

This step is to send your payment details and request for getting Tweaks Pro for your device.

To make a request, Download & Install request code application (links are below) on same device on which you want to use tweaks pro. , Open  installed app and follow the wizard. Before this kindly kee[ your payment info ready and provide when it asks.
Play store users can send request right from application they have downloaded from Play store. While payment made with other methods, download request code app below to get Tweaks pro application.

IMPORTANT : Request must be sent from the same device you want to use Tweaks Pro and must be within 48 hrs of making payment.

Click here to download Request Code apk

If Download doesn't start automatically, click Here or Here to start manually.

Step 3 : Wait for activation and receiving Tweaks Pro

 Once you send required information ,you will receive mail with all the information within 24 hrs. (except week end and holidays) . Request with incomplete information will be ignored. In case you didn't get responce even after 24 hrs, you should check your spam folder. Also make sure your email provider haven't blocking emails. In that case you can re-send request and also provide your alternate contact info.


Q : What information I will receive once I have sent a request.

A : Once your valid request accepted, you will recieve Mail will have link of latest ink for Dr.Ketan Tweaks Pro .apk which is main tweak application and you have to install it as normal application.

Also You may get some extra applications on same links, those apps are extra goodie and complimentary for you.

Q : In future, If I buy new device, can I use Twekas Pro on new device?

A : No. Tweaks Pro license is valid for single device only. License can not be transfer to other device. For every device (basis of device ID) you needs to buy it separately.

Tweaks Pro features

Features may varies with device, click below to know feature according device.

Samsung Note 10 (N975 F/DS/N/B)

Samsung Galaxy Note9 (N960F/DS/N)

Samsung Galaxy Note8 (N950F/DS/N

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ (No active development)

Samsung Galaxy Note5 (No active development)